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    Promotion Base for Chinse Language · Office of Confucius Institute

    Promotion Base for Chinse Language at Xi'an International Studies Universities was established in September, 2012, and inaugurated by the Director of Hanban Xu Lin. The main tasks of the Base include international promotion of Chinese for the University, and establishment of Xi'an as the center for Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges and cultivation for talents, due to the fact that Xi'an is world famous ancient capital, and the starting point of ancient Silk Road and vital city for the exchange of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. The Base also focuses on cultivating multilingual Chinese teachers and developing Chinese textbooks for Central Asia and the BRICS countries, as well as holding summer camps for experiencing Chinese culture and undertaking the various types of projects and training programs assigned by Hanban (Headquarter of Confucius Institute).

    In order to improve the level of management and teaching quality of overseas Confucius Institutes established by XISU, and extend its support for Confucius Institute, the Office of Confucius Institute was established in December, 2013, and now it collaboratively operate the Confucius Institute with the Base.

    The primary responsibility of the Office includes maintaining daily contact with Hanban, communicating with three Confucius Institutes established by XISU, selecting and recommending Chinese president, teachers and volunteers for Confucius Institute, organizing and holding Confucius Institute Annual Council, promoting and implementing the projects of Hanban, planning and executing relevant policies and regulations, and fulfilling the tasks assigned by Hanban.

    Until now, three Confucius Institutes have been established by XISU, they are now housed at University of Eurasia (Kazakhstan), University of La Plata (Argentina), and Prairie View A&M University (USA) respectively.


    Contact: Zhang Mingxi

    Tel: 86-029-85309754/85309649

    E-mail: hanbanxian@xisu.edu.cn 


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