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    XISU libraries were first established in 1952, and now consist of two locations at both Chang'an and Yanta campuses. The total building area is 47,519.2㎡.

    The collection covers 32 languages such as Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Arabic, and Portuguese, etc., and total volume is 1.569 million. The libraries subscribe 1,527 journals and 42 databases both domestically and internationally that formulate an insured system, which features foreign language and literature, and focuses on reference books of foreign languages as the primary source, and integrates with interdisciplinary literatures and resources.

    The libraries now have 52 staffs, 7 personnel agents, and 10 external personnel who currently work in Library Office, Department of Documented Resource, Department of Technical Support, Department of Journals, Department of Chinese Circulation, Department of Foreign Language Circulation, Reading Room, and Information Center.

    The libraries utilize integrated library management system powered by Dalian Netinfo Software, Foxcom disk array, and IBM servers to realize a computerized workflow.

    The staff at XISU libraries are dedicated to serving both readers and research, in order to forge unique and high-level university libraries.


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